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Friday Fab Five Links: Wearable rainwater collection, cutting off water to farmers, and Dog Doogity

Here are the Fab Five links for the week of September 16, 2011.

1. Catch rainwater with your coat, purify it, and drink it on the spot

Rainwater collection coat

Now who wouldn't want to lug rainwater in your coat?

This link comes to us from students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. For one of their class projects, Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble created a coat called the Raincatch (click for story). It acts as a literal “raincoat” where not only does it keep the rain from soaking you, it also collects rainwater through the coat’s collar and stores it around the hips of the coat. From there, the rainwater is filtered through charcoal media and the wearer can drink the purified rainwater through some Camelbak-like tubes.

Practical? No… but I know that students in university design classes try to stretch the limitations of existing technologies and practices. This is a strange concept though. Do you want to walk around with water in your coat that weighs 8.34 lbs. per gallon? Maybe, if you are out in the wilderness trying to survive, but even then, I can think of other rainwater collection products that can help catch rainwater on the spot.

Check out a short video of the Raincatch coat:

Chris Maxwell-Gaines
Chris Maxwell-Gaines
Civil engineer and urban planner focused on creating impacting and sustainable projects by identifying all of the hidden water conservation opportunities available. Particularly interested in working within the realms of sustainable site planning, conservation subdivision design, integrated water management and planning, and low impact development practices.
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  • Sheryl

    A coat that catches water?  Maybe a precursor to a stillsuit?  I knew all those Dune books would come in handy some day!

  • http://www.watercache.com/blog Chris Maxwell-Gaines

    Good catch Sheryl. This coat could be beneficial in a Dune-like setting albeit a little too hot.

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