Chris Maxwell-GainesThank you for visiting my blog!! I am a professional civil engineer and urban planner that focuses on creating impacting and sustainable projects by identifying all of the hidden water conservation opportunities available in a project. I am particularly interested in working within the realms of sustainable site planning, conservation subdivision design, integrated water management and planning, and low impact development practices. Back in 2004, my friend, Blake West, and I got a wild hair and decided to start a company that focuses on water conservation systems.  I met Blake while serving in the US Peace Corps in Suriname, South America.  We reminisced about harvesting rainwater there for all of our drinking and cooking purposes.  We wondered why more people in Austin and central Texas wasn’t collecting rainwater.  From these thoughts, we started Innovative Water Solutions LLC in March 2004.  IWS is a design/build company that focuses on water conservation technologies such as rainwater harvesting, graywater reuse, and AC condensate collection systems as well as efficient irrigation system and landscape work. There are many goals for this blog.  I want it to be a resource for people who what to understand the various water conservation systems that we are experts in, but I also want to help explain the civil engineering systems that affects everyone’s lives.  You can read more about the purpose and goals of this blog here. All posts at the Watercache Blog are written by Chris Maxwell-Gaines, P.E.

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