Rainwater Harvesting for the Irrigation and Green Industries

January 15, 2015

Chris Maxwell-Gaines, PE, provided information, quotes, and pictures for an article about rainwater harvesting in the .

“Chris Maxwell-Gaines and his partner Blake West are co-owners of Austin, Texas-based Innovative Water Solutions, LLC. The two Texas A&M alums met when they were both doing stints in the Peace Corps in Suriname, where they experienced what it was like to have no access to running water. “It opened our eyes to the value of water,” said Maxwell-Gaines.

Returning to Texas, they settled in the Austin area, and for the past ten years, have been building rainwater and gray water systems, eventually becoming licensed irrigation contractors.”

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Chris Maxwell-Gaines :I am a professional civil engineer and urban planner that focuses on creating impacting and sustainable projects by identifying all of the hidden water conservation opportunities available in a project. I am particularly interested in working within the realms of sustainable site planning, integrated water management and planning, and low impact development practices.