Moving Beyond the Rain Barrel

November 19, 2015

Chris Maxwell-Gaines, PE, provided information, quotes, and images for an article about rainwater harvesting published in the November/December 2015 edition of the Landscape and Irrigation magazine.

The article discusses the limitations of rain barrels and the potential of larger rainwater collection “systems”. With the possible benefits of a larger system, there are design and cost issues to be aware of. When these systems are analyzed on a cost per gallon basis, a larger rainwater harvesting system is the way to go as long as any design issues are answered.

You can read the November/December 2015 edition online or download a pdf version.

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Chris Maxwell-Gaines :I am a professional civil engineer and urban planner that focuses on creating impacting and sustainable projects by identifying all of the hidden water conservation opportunities available in a project. I am particularly interested in working within the realms of sustainable site planning, integrated water management and planning, and low impact development practices.