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Rainwater collection industry analysis report

The market for water conservation techologies is growing!!!

A new report titled “Rainwater Harvesting in the US: A 2010 Industry Analysis” is now available. The rainwater harvesting industry in the US is a small industry and has never been analyzed to the detail available in the report. Other countries such as Australia, Germany, and England have much larger rainwater collection system industries and these markets have been analyzed before.

This report details the rainwater harvesting industry in the US through careful analysis of rainwater industry groups and interviews with key manufacturers, vendors, and installers. There are many key take-aways that hint to a very robust industry that is growing, particularly within the past few years.

First-ever Report about the US Rainwater Market

This is to my knowledge the first-ever analysis report produced about the US rainwater catchment industry and market. The report illustrates the sustained growth of the rainwater harvesting market in recent years.

The best part is that this report was produced by individuals who are intimate with the rainwater harvesting industry. Doug Pushard has run HarvestH2o website for many years and helps to highlight various news stories pertinent to the rainwater industry. Jason Kerigan has worked with Rain Harvesting Pty. Ltd., a rainwater harvesting system component manufacturer in Australia. He is now running his own international marketing consultancy business.

They collected primary data from a survey of rainwater harvesting system installers throughout the US and also conducted informal interviews with a number of rainwater collection equipment suppliers and key stakeholders to validate the findings. Data was also collected from the Internet and other associations serving the manufacturers and suppliers.

Innovative Water Solutions provided data for this report. We have definitely seen an increase in interest in rainwater collection over the years. This has provided a steady growth pattern for us. We have also seen an increase of rainwater catchment systems used in commercial buildings primarily due to green building rating systems such as LEED and the economic rationale of these larger systems.

The Full Report is 50+ pages but they also have a 25 page Summary Report available for businesses and individuals that are interested in the overall market growth, but not necessarily the detailed information included in the Full Report. The Summary Report is available for $95 and the Full Report is available for $295.

The authors have made available the Table of Contents for the Summary Report and the Full Report for your review. You can also review the List of Graphs and Tables in the Full Report.

You can find out more about the report and purchase the report here.

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