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Here are the Friday Fab 5 links for the week of October 31, 2011. This week is a special video edition of the Fab 5 Links.

1. Fun and Games

Recently, the winning short films of the Intelligent Use of Water™ Film Competition (IUOW) were announced. The film competition is held annually by Rain Bird. The following film was the 2011 Jury Award winner. It depicts a young British couple engaged in a long-distance phone call “role play game” (wink, wink) that is perpetually interrupted by the woman’s subconscious anxieties over water issues.

2. Just Don’t Flush It

Another winner from this year’s IUOW Film Competition, the following film was 2011 Audience Choice Award winner. It is a Boy Band parody about the “If it’s yellow, let it mellow” mantra.

3. The journey of a drinking water drop

Here’s another award winning short film about water. This wonderful stop motion film about the journey of a drinking water drop won the 2011 Water Movie Challenge of the International Water Week, held in Amsterdam.

4. Keeping our River drug-free

Pharmaceuticals in our water systems is becoming a much larger topic for our society and water engineers. Most of these pharmaceuticals are getting into our local rivers through our own personal waste streams. In addition to this source, they also get into our local rivers due to people flushing unwanted or unused pharmaceuticals down the toilet. To help reduce this practice, Potomac Riverkeepers recently held a National Prescription Drug Take Back event to safely dispose of these prescription drugs. This is a great idea that other cities should implement.

5. Capturing rainwater with trees

Great video that illustrates how trees can help our local environment and communities by soaking up rainwater and filtering it before heading to the aquifer. Presented by TreePeople, it shows how reconnecting trees to our city’s watersheds is one of the fastest ways to create lasting jobs while rebuilding local economies and preparing our communities to thrive and survive increasing threats of severe weather.

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