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CTWEN water conservation yard sign

Show your support for water conservation

Do you currently have a “brown” lawn due to the drought? Did you finally realize that keeping your lawn green during the Texas drought was too daunting of a task especially with water restrictions? Well, now you can justify your brown lawn and declare your support for and commitment to water conservation. The Central Texas Water Efficiency Network (CTWEN) is giving away free yard signs that show your pledge to follow your community’s outdoor watering schedule and to find ways to reduce water in your home and/or business. They invite you to join their effort to protect Central Texas water supplies.

You can pick up your free yard sign at one of 6 Central Texas locations in central and south Austin, Round Rock, San Marcos and Bastrop.

Our lawns are a good place to start discussing water conservation since outdoor watering accounts for one of the largest uses of water in our region. As much as 50% of the water used in August by City of Austin water utility customers is for outdoor irrigation. [1. Water Efficiency in Austin, Texas, 1983-2005: An Historical Perspective]

Get your sign today and set an example for your neighbors.

CTWEN is a newly-formed coalition of municipalities, water providers and water conservation advocates in the Central Texas region. Their purpose is to share water conservation information and promote water efficiency education, legislation, programs, and technologies in order to regionally have an impact on water supplies and use.

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