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We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Well Aware, a local non-profit that works to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to water scarcity and contamination in Africa. Since IWS comes from a history of community service (see more about our Peace Corps story), we have always been on the lookout for a great cause that we could get behind and help. We have found that with Well Aware.

The first step in our partnership is their annual Shower Strike event which is starting March 22nd. The premise is that you sign up as a fundraiser and then set a fundraising goal and pledge to not take a shower the week of March 22nd to March 29th until you have raised your fundraising goal.

So rather than you foregoing a shower for a week, we’ll do it for you. IWS is “shower striking” as a company and we need your help. We have set a fundraising goal of $2,000. Please help us with any donation you can. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Help me take a shower”
  3. You are provided with a few levels of support but you can pledge whatever you can give. We appreciate any support you can provide our efforts.
  4. Pledge your support and then it will take you through the rest of the process.

In addition to you helping us raise money for African water well development, we are also donating a 1,000 gallon rainwater harvesting system to Well Aware’s fundraising party and it will be auctioned off with all of the proceeds going to Well Aware.

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As you can see, we are all in and want to make as large of an impact as we can. It doesn’t take much to supply clean water to people in Africa… $15 can supply one person with clean water for 20-30 years. So please help out anyway you can.

The idea of the Shower Strike is simple… since people in Africa have many issues with access to clean water, you are trying to show your support by denying yourself a shower (for at least a week).

More on Well Aware

Well Aware funds and implements life-saving water systems to drive economic development and build self-sufficient African communities. They are focused on the issue that plagues water well development in Africa… water wells get implemented but then they fail or fall into disrepair and cease to provide benefit to the community. Well Aware wants to change this and they are planning many initiatives to identify projects where an existing water well can be re-mediated and put back into service.

Please check out some of Well Aware’s current projects and see the good work that they are doing.

Thanks again for learning about Well Aware and I hope that you can support us in our fundraising efforts. Our employees work hard out in the field and they will be pretty stinky if they can’t take a shower until our fundraising goal is met.

Pledge your support at

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