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Have you been thinking about installing a rainwater harvesting system at your house or business but have been confused about the various stories circling the internet about the legality of rainwater harvesting in your state?  Well, you have stopped by the right place.

Let’s set the record straight…

While there are many states that have laws and regulations that provide restrictions on the practice of rainwater harvesting, there is NO state that completely outlaws it.  Most states allow for the free practice of rainwater harvesting.  There are some states that do make it more difficult than other states, but again, there is no state where it illegal.

The video below is a presentation I gave at the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) conference on October 17, 2017.  It is only a portion of the presentation though.  It provides a survey of existing rainwater harvesting laws across the US. It highlights the current regulations in many states and it shows the states that don’t have regulations. It discusses the future developments needed to ensure that rainwater harvesting is allowed in every state in the US.  Below the video, you can view the whole powerpoint presentation that I uploaded to SlideShare.



Download a pdf of the presentation.

I do want to thank Jessica Huntington of Acer Water Tanks for recording this video for me!

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