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I found these water conservation posters online a few years ago and have been holding onto them. Many cities and other organizations create marketing materials to educate people about water conservation. In this day and time, it is strange to think about getting people to conserve water for the good of their nation, particularly for a war effort. It is hard to think about anyone rationing or conserving today for a war effort (even though we are presently at war). Today, pleas for water conservation are made for the environment’s sake, your personal footprint sake, or for money saving sake.

Wartime water conservation poster1

Water conservation in the kitchen

Wartime water conservation poster4

Smart car washing tip

Wartime water conservation poster 3

We wouldn’t want this, right?

Wartime water conservation poster 1

Cold water in a jiffy!

Wartime water conservation poster 2

Well, maybe the war industry should conserve

Now the ideas behind these ads may have been good and fit with other wartime rationing campaigns at that time, but they don’t really make sense. Nearly all water is supplied regionally. Your local watersheds/reservoirs or local aquifers supply your city with water. We don’t pump water across the US to supply other areas like we do with electricity. Therefore, the thought that conserving water where you live would add water for use by the war industry is just weird. Now if you had a factory in your city that was making items for the war, then you could maybe make the claim that saving water will allow the factory to have more water to make the war items with, but this is still a silly idea.

Since we are presently at war and with the South in a horrible drought, maybe this kind of water conservation message could get more people to conserve water. Anything would help!

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