Chris Nerren

Service Manager

Chris has many passions.  Music has always been a driving force for him, having played in numerous bands, including the well-received, local dub group, Grimy Styles.  He, early on, found the joys derived from surfing on the Texas Gulf coast, & has been fortunate to travel many places far & wide.  He has worked in the plant nursery & horticulture field, helping others with their Texas native landscaping & gardening needs.  At one point, he spent considerable time working in the food service industry & received a degree in the culinary arts from Texas Culinary Academy.

For over a decade, Chris has been installing & servicing rainwater harvesting systems with IWS.  Although well-versed in all of the integral parts of these systems, his attention goes, mainly, to pump & disinfection component service.  If you are experiencing problematic symptoms related to your rain system, Chris will gladly help you with the troubleshooting process & repair!

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Service Manager

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