Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation systems and water conservation should go hand in hand…

Did you know that, in Austin, 50% of our water demand during the summer is used for outdoor watering? Now that’s a lot of water!

IWS provides a full-service, comprehensive irrigation system design, installation, repair, and audit experience. No matter if you need a new system, need work performed on your existing system, or if you want your existing system to use less water, we can help. We will handle all permitting and inspections required to meet current City of Austin regulations.

We view irrigation through the lens of water conservation. An irrigation system should accomplish the goal of providing you with a worry-free and beautiful landscape, but we need to recognize the increasing importance and scarcity of water which will affect the future practice of irrigation. A properly designed irrigation system will achieve both goals. This is where most irrigation contractors get it wrong. Their main concern is ensuring your landscaping doesn’t die. So what if you over-water a little bit, right? Wrong! Every irrigation system should be unique depending on the landscape design.

The irrigation industry is constantly innovating their products due to the increasing emphasis on water conservation in the cities across the US. We actively incorporate these new water conserving products into our irrigaiton system designs.

IWS specializes in:

  • Water conservative sprinkler systems
  • Irrigation systems from alternative water sources such as rainwater, AC condensate, or graywater
  • ET based sprinkler systems

We provide system installation in Austin and the central Texas area.

Irrigation system audits

Would you expect your vehicle to operate efficiently if you never changed the oil or took it in for a tune up? Well, your existing irrigation system need to be tuned.

While a “traditional” irrigation audit by other companies will only ensure your existing sprinkler system is working properly, we go a step further and actually find ways to help your irrigation system conserve water. We then create a report for you, detailing the condition of your system. We also include a list of recommendations for repairs and improvements. Sometimes your irrigation system just needs a little bit of tweaking to help it become more efficient. This could range from installing a rain sensor to replacing your controller with a new ET based controller.

Irrigation system audit includes:

  • Operation of entire irrigation system to ensure proper distribution within zones
  • Comprehensive inspection of all distribution points in the sprinkler system
  • Inspection of irrigation controller for proper operation
  • Ensure operation of Rain-Shut-off device, if installed
  • Check wire splices at valves to ensure proper weatherproofing
  • Verify installation and operation of backflow prevention device
  • Collect measurements to determine irrigation efficiency

From the audit we will provide you with all of the options available to create a system that will conserve more water and save you money.

If you are a Austin Water customers you could qualify for up to a $375 rebate for the upgrades we make to your irrigation system after our audit.


Irrigation in Texas is regulated by:

Texas Commission on Envionmental Quality (TCEQ)
MC-178, P.O. Box 13087
Austin, Texas 78711-3087

Anyone installing, designing, repairing or selling an irrigation system must be licensed by the TCEQ.

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