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We have many satisfied customers. We are professional and get the job done right. But don’t take our word for it… Here are some testimonials from our past clients. We also provide a list of referrals with every project estimate.

Testimonials: Rainwater for Irrigation Use

  • I considered going the cheap way with commercial rain barrels, but I'm so glad I spent the money on a system from Innovative Water Solutions. Chris showed me that a larger tank was right for the area I wanted to harvest. We picked a 650 gallon galvanized tank that fit perfectly in the spot where I wanted it. Although there was a fairly long wait for installation, once the construction process got started, it was a breeze. The crew even helped me use the leftover crushed gravel for my garden path. After two good rains, the tank is full, the water hose attaches perfectly, there are no leaks, and -- best of all -- no mosquitoes! It's great to have professional-quality plumbing and construction instead of a DIY job. Even my husband, who was skeptical at first, loves using the natural water on his plants. Thanks, Innovative!

    Melynda N. Austin, TX
  • I had two specific goals while researching the City of Austin's resource conservation list for companies involved in rainwater recovery systems:

    • Capture rainwater for irrigation purposes and
    • Solve a drainage issue
    When I contacted Chris and Blake at Innovative Water Solutions, I quickly realized that I had located the most qualified individuals to come up with a creative, practical and competitively priced product. The owners, Chris and Blake, are professional, extremely personable and actually go beyond what they  agree to.  It is without hesitation or reservation that I unconditionally recommend Innovative Water Solutions to anyone looking for a solution to their water needs, whether it be rainwater collection, drainage issues or any other water projects you may have.

    Richard B. Westlake, TX
  • We began a containerized native tree nursery in our back yard.  As the nursery grew, it became increasingly clear that we were very vulnerable to water shortages due to power outages or well problems. So we started a dialog with Chris and Blake and described my rather disconnected requirements and desires.  Not only did they understand, but they contributed sufficient practical detail to make sense out of the ideas.  They came out, we waved our arms around over coffee, and the Rainwater/Irrigation system was conceived. Essentially, we would create a triple-source water system, consisting of a large rainwater collection system, which would also accept and store effluent from the heat pump or from the well.  The system would then distribute water to the drip irrigation system from storage or directly from the heat pump or well. Now that the system is operational, the overall water consumption from our well is cut nearly in half.  Plus,  in the event of a well problem, we have up to a week of irrigation water in reserve.  One interesting side benefit is the ability to run the heat pump closed-loop to the storage tanks – more savings may be in store.

    Mitch M. Leander, TX
  • We are urbanites and always assumed that putting in a rain collection system would not be feasible due to space, aesthetics and recoupment of costs.  We were wrong. Chris and Blake are two of the finest young men you are likely to meet and can seemingly come up with a solution to any obstacles that most homes may present.  They will stick by you until you feel the system works perfectly.  We encourage everyone to look into saving our precious water by contacting them and setting up a very informative and eye-opening meeting. Our garden and yard have remained in full bloom all summer without a single use of our sprinkler system.  As water becomes increasingly precious and especially summer use more costly, the value of our system will continue to grow.

    David E. Austin, TX
  • I am happy to recommend Innovative Water Solutions. Chris and Blake are true professionals and the team that installed the system was great! I have nothing but good things to say about them. Everything works perfectly. They asked me my preferences throughout the install and cleaned up 100%.  They also did all the work for the City of Austin rebate so all I had to do was sign it and send it in.  That was nice.

    Cheryl L. Austin, TX
  • I had a great experience with Chris and the other folks at Innovative Water Solutions.  They helped us install gutters and a full capture system to drain into our 2500 gallon tank, plus a smaller 320 tank on one downspout. They all were very patient with our questions and ongoing maintenance issues.  When we had that freeze last winter, we had some pipes burst near the pump assembly.  They came right out and fixed the problem. I have recommended them several times and am very glad I chose them for the job.

    Sheryl W. Austin, TX
  • I have nothing but complimentary things to say about Chris and IWS. They installed a rainwater harvesting system with a 1500 gallon tank that has worked flawlessly now for 3 years. Chris and his team were very responsive, both with respect to the initial installation and answering any questions we had afterward. Our experience was entirely positive and I would hire them again if the need/desire arose.

    Michael K. Austin, TX
  • We have been very happy with Innovative Water Solutions.  They did a nice job installing our 2300 gallon tank, along with the piping and pump, and they have been responsive in coming out for a pump repair. I only wish I had gotten a bigger tank. It's surprising how fast you can run through the water.

    Nathaniel C. Austin, TX
  • I had a great experience with IWS. They installed a 10,000 gallon collection tank and irrigation pump as part of my new home construction. IWS was accommodating to my requests during planning and installation phases, flexible working with my builder, and worked hard to install everything with a short construction window. Everyone on the crew did a quality job. I can't say that about very many crews I've dealt with during construction. I highly recommend them.

    Vernon M. Austin, TX

Testimonials: Rainwater for Potable Use

  • I want send you this thank you note for sending your technician out for the recent service calls.  Both times he fixed our problem and answered all my questions patiently.  This last time he came out in 100+ heat after what must have been a very taxing day digging and working in the intense heat.  He not only showed me the problems, but also how to fix it myself by replacing a part that wears down easily. He demonstrates a commitment to customer service that I am sure is sometimes hard to find in your labor intensive line of work. Please tell him again how much I appreciate his expertise and I am relieved to know I can call and get quick and expert service.

    Laura B. Austin, TX
  • I'd like to thank you again for the quick response and excellent work installing my new water tank. Site preparation was excellent, and in fact, also impressed one of my neighbors who stopped by to check it out. His rainwater collection system was installed by a competitor and site preparation there was minimal. Pricing was very competitive, but your timeliness relative to all others I contacted was what won the contract. The personnel working for you from start to finish were professional and polite, and site cleanup was thorough. I appreciate the work you did.

    Frank D. Wimberley, TX
  • We first got Innovative Water Solutions to help us fix a land drainage problem, and that worked out well. Then when we built our new green everything house we brought them in again to design and install a 20,000 gallon rainwater collection system. We use that for all our potable water. We like the rainwater a lot, and the system looks and works great. Thank you, Innovative Water Solutions.

    David P. Austin, TX
  • I am very glad that I switched to an Innovative Water Solutions rain water harvesting system in September 2011.  My 600 feet deep water well has had insufficient water availability since June 2012, while Mother Nature has provided more than adequate rainfall to supply potable water for my entire home needs.  Plus…the higher quality PH neutral rain water is tremendously easier on my water fixtures, water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. Take a look at David's water well filter that he pulled out in September 2012.

    David W. Leander, TX
  • IWS designed and installed a 10,000 gallon potable rainwater system for me at a ranch near Llano.  I met Chris to show him my house plans, and he thoroughly explained the system and method to the installation.  I was completely impressed by the promptness, professionalism, and competent demeanor of the installation crew.  They were good guys and a pleasure to have onsite.  A year later, I've had trouble free operation of the system.  I often tell people it's one of my favorite features of the house. I strongly recommend you consider IWS if you want to install a system.

    Ken G. Llano, TX
  • From the time we first met Chris when he came out to measure and give us an estimate, we were excited about his knowledge and enthusiasm for rainwater collection and erosion control. We knew right away that we had confidence in what he was telling us as we created our plan for our system. The whole team at IWS is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. We are very pleased with our system design and how well it is operating. Soon after completion, we received enough rainfall to "power it up" and we are loving it. The difference between our hard well water and this wonderful rainwater is phenomenal! The flavor is so pure and sweet. Our dishes come out sparkling clean and showering in rainwater is such a treat. There's no going back for us now!

    Laura P. Dripping Springs, TX
  • We are more than enthusiastic about our rainwater system.  It is amazing...like showering in liquid crystal.  I love it.  Innovative Water Solutions has been efficient and easy to work with.  They have maintained our system and were readily available when we had one minor issue.  The taste of the water is excellent.  I prefer it to bottled water.  No complaints about service or quality.  We are going to install another system for the house we are building on the same property.

    Jane C. Caldwell, TX

Testimonials: Drainage Solutions

  • We just had our first good rain this week and everything worked great!! We had 1 inch (of rainfall), then a day later 2 inches so with the three inches off of the house I was able to fill my pond and for the first time the spillway was used. This may mean I will need to expand my pond. I am very happy with the results. The system worked better than I had expected. Thanks again.

    Tim H. Buda, TX
  • I can't say enough good things about their crew:  they worked their butts off in the dead of winter, were knowledgeable, prompt and courteous.  And the finished job was beautiful; I've gotten a lot of compliments from the neighbors on it. Our property takes on too much water from our neighbors and we wanted IWS to make a drainage system that would channel the water off of our property instead of flooding our back rooms.  This was a good year to test the system, and we withstood all the rain we had this summer (2010).

    Lisa F. Austin, TX
  • I wanted to let you know that the drainage and gutter system you installed at our Montessori school is functioning very well. There was not a drop of water inside the school after the big storm this past weekend. Special thanks you and your team!

    Silvia S. Austin, TX
  • Innovative Water Solutions was able to put our minds at ease with a drainage solution that addressed many challenges in our small backyard. I would recommend Chris and his crew to anyone who is constantly worried about the next big rain.

    Sarah H. Austin, TX
  • The people at IWS came up a totally effective and economical fix for what potentially could have turned into a drainage problem in the front of our home, being that Austin seems to be getting more and heavier downpours than in the past. We are very happy with the way the project looks and how effectively it works, and we feel that it has enhanced the value of our home.

    Roger D. Austin, TX
  • I am happy to recommend IWS for water drainage issues. All their team members were professional. They answered all my questions, gave a reasonable estimate for the cost, and completed the work when they said they would.

    Susan A. Austin, TX
  • When we bought our house, we knew we probably needed some help with fixing some drainage issues in our back yard, but didn't realize the extent of it until the IWS team came out to start the project. They uncovered an old dry well that was causing the clay to swell right under our house with all the recent rain - it was put into place by someone who didn't know any better and it was a terrible solution for the soil around our house. Everyone on the team from Chris to the project manager to the workers themselves were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and patient in explaining everything to us, including the solution. We definitely felt like we were working with the right experts the entire time who were going to solve the problem completely instead of apply a band-aid solution. We're very thankful to have found IWS and would recommend them to anyone!!

    Amy O. Austin, TX
  • If you need to have drainage work done on your property IWS is the way to go! Professional and courteous staff along with quality work made for a great experience.

    Josh U. Austin, TX
  • IWS will produce a high quality drainage solution for exactly the price quoted, with no unexpected fees. They are responsive to feedback and the work they will make sure you are happy with the project before it is finished.

    Ben H. Austin, TX
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