While rainwater harvesting systems are conceptually simple, they can be very technical.  The practice and technology of rainwater harvesting has advanced greatly.  These systems are not your grandmother’s rain barrels any more.  They have multi-point filtration methods as the rainwater makes it was from the roof to the cistern and ultimately to its end use.

No matter what size or scale of your rainwater harvesting system, IWS can keep the system in optimum condition to ensure that you continue to save water and money.  This also keeps you doing your part to help the environment.

IWS is an professional engineering company that specializes in rainwater harvesting system design and construction.  We have designed and installed systems ranging from simple residential systems to complex commercial systems.  From this expertise, we have developed an industry leading service and maintenance program.  Our service technicians are trained on all types of systems and system designs.

We offer full service and maintenance services for your residential or commercial rainwater harvesting system.

  • System Assessment Inspections
  • Individual Maintenance Visits
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Upgrades and Repairs
  • Rainwater Quality Testing

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Service, Maintenance, and Inspection Options

System Assessment Inspection

Maybe you have a graywater reuse system and need to know whether if it is in working efficiently or maybe you are purchasing a home and need to know if the system is even working at all, then this service is for you. We will provide a report which documents the system’s current state and what maintenance is required. We can also provide a system demonstration with you.

Inspections start at $300

Maintenance Appointment

If you have a graywater reuse system that is in working order and you want to keep it that way, then this service is for you.  We will perform a multi-point system inspection, cleaning, and component replacement as necessary.

Visits start at $250 (+ materials)

Maintenance Contract

If you want your graywater reuse system maintenance performed on auto-pilot, then this service is for you. We offer annual maintenance contracts which are structured to provide the required number of visits for your type of system. This program helps to ensure your system stays in working order and catches any issues before they become expensive issues.

Contracts start at $595

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