Well Water Tank or Rainwater Harvesting Cistern Almost Empty?

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In Texas, there is a long practice of relying on a drilled water well to provide water for rural properties.  Water well systems don’t necessarily require a water storage tank but there are a few reasons why a water storage tank could be helpful such as:

  • the water well doesn’t provide the required flow rate for the house or property;
  • the well water has gas such as hydrogen sulfide entrained and needs time to off-gas prior to consumption; and
  • the water well has a history of unreliability and cache of water is desired to ensure reliable supply.

So if you have a well water tank and it is running low, what are your options?  Call a local bulk water hauler and order water to fill your well water tank.

hill country bulk water delivery

Now-a-days, though, many people who are purchasing property in rural Texas are installing potable rainwater harvesting systems rather than drilling a water well.  There are many advantages of a potable rainwater harvesting system over a conventional water well.

  • Rainwater is a high-quality water supply that is naturally soft.  Compared to well water, it has very little mineral or chemical pollution.
  • Rainwater requires very minimal treatment and disinfection which reduces the lifetime maintenance cost of the system when compared to well water.
  • With increasing development and reliance on groundwater sources, rainwater harvesting allows properties to become self-sufficient and rely only on rainwater that falls on the property.
  • Rainwater harvesting can allow you to have total control over your water supply.  With a water well, your well is just one straw among many straws that are tapping the same water supply.
  • Rainwater harvesting systems can be easily retrofitted to an existing structure or built during new home construction. They are very flexible and modular in nature, allowing expansion, reconfiguration, or relocation.
  • Rainwater harvesting reduces the frequency and intensity of flooding around your house or property.

So the burning question is what do you do when it hasn’t rained in a long time and your rainwater cistern is nearing empty?  Again, all you have to do is call a local bulk water hauler and get water delivered.

Bulk Water Delivery in Central Texas

In central Texas and the Hill Country, many residential properties rely on well water.  In addition, the preference for whole-house potable rainwater harvesting system is growing.  With water storage cisterns on each of these systems, there are times when the well or rain can’t provide consistent supply.  Therefore a robust market for bulk water delivery exists in central Texas and many companies offer this service.

Agua Dulce Water Delivery (IWS Preferred Vendor)

Dripping Springs Bulk Water Delivery

H202U Water Delivery

Texas Bulk Water

Water Boy

Not Satisfied With the Quality of your Water Well?

Water Well Not Performing with Consistency?

Install a potable rainwater harvesting system on your property and diversify your water supply options.  Easily manifold the potable rainwater supply pipes with the well water pipes so that if you rainwater cistern runs low, you can easily switch over.

With the enhancement of the quality of rainwater over your well water supply, you will never want to switch back to well water.

Licensing of Potable Water Haulers in Texas

When drinking water is distributed by tank truck or trailer, the water must be obtained from an approved source, the equipment used must be approved by the TCEQ and be constructed in accordance with specific TCEQ standards. Here is a partial listing of those standards:

  • the tank truck must be labeled “Drinking Water”
  • the tank must be watertight and made of an approved material
  • the tank shall be disinfected monthly or any time contamination is suspected
  • the tank must be sampled at least once per month
    record keeping such as the amount of water hauled, purchases, sampling results, disinfection dates and the source of water.

For complete rules on hauling potable water, see applicable rules in 30 TAC § 290.44(i) relating to Public Drinking Water.

Click here for a current list of licensed potable water haulers.

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