We’ve made rainwater harvesting simple.  Sometimes you want a cistern that’s just a little bit bigger than your current rain barrel.  Or maybe your budget doesn’t allow for a full, customized rainwater harvesting system.

If these are your situations, then our Raincache KIT and Raincache BUILD programs are perfect for you.  The cistern sizes in the Raincache systems range from 500 gallons to 2500 gallons.

Raincache KIT

Rainwater harvesting system kits for the DIYer, delivered to your house

Raincache BUILD

Simple and quick rainwater harvesting system installation performed by our team

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Upgrade to a Raincache KIT or BUILD System

Is the Raincache program right for me?

  • You want something larger than a rain barrel but you don’t have a lot of space to devote to a large rainwater cistern.
  • You are on a limited budget for a rainwater system.
  • You have existing gutters and a downspout where you want the rainwater cistern located.
  • You have adequate access from the street to the cistern location.
  • You don’t want a long process of scheduling a consult, getting a custom system estimate, and finally getting the system installed. The Raincache system simplifies all of that so that you can pick the appropriate system and get it installed fast.

Raincache Program FAQ

What is rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is the collection of precipitation from a surface to reuse at a later time.  Most rainwater harvesting systems use roofs for the collection surface, but some rainwater harvesting systems do collect rainwater (or stormwater) from pervious surfaces.

For a more in-depth, detailed answer, go to our FAQ blog post.

What if my situation does not fall within the Raincache Terms & Conditions?

We have created the Raincache Rainwater Harvesting KIT and BUILD packages in order to streamline the process of figuring out what you want or need, to the ultimate step of system installation.  While these packages are intended for specific situations, we do specialize in custom rainwater harvesting system.

So if you want to locate the cistern in a place where the ground slope is greater than 4% or maybe you know you want to connect multiple downspouts, don’t worry… just give us a call or submit a consultation request form and we will schedule a onsite consultation with you.

While your system quote will be more expensive than the Raincache packaged prices, you will be getting a more efficient rainwater collection system or possibly we can solve the issue you had with just imagined the possibilities of the rainwater cistern location on your property.

Why shouldn’t I just call you for a free consultation?

You certainly can call us and schedule a free consultation if you are in the Austin area but since we are investing extra time into your design and estimate, the system quote you receive will most likely be more expensive than the Raincache KIT or BUILD packages.  We have tried to create a design process for the Raincache packaged kits that you can do yourself, at your leisure.  Then once you determine the best rainwater system package for your property and situation, you can simply order the system, schedule the installation date, and you’re done.

If you know your budget is limited for a rainwater harvesting system, then the Raincache packaged kits are perfect for you.  This way you are spending your money on getting the largest cistern available, rather than also paying for the time for the consultation and estimate creation.

So save yourself time and money by going through the Raincache design process defined on our website and then placing your order for a KIT or BUILD packaged system.

Are there rainwater collection system rebates available?

For people living in central Texas, many cities in that area offer rainwater harvesting system rebates. The cities of Austin, San Marcos, Sunset Valley, and Round Rock all offer rebates with Austin and San Marcos offering rebates up to $5000. Learn more about central Texas rainwater rebates.

How large of a cistern should I install?

The simple answer is… as large of a cistern that your budget allows. In central Texas, rainfall is feast or famine, so a larger cistern helps to capture more rainwater during the “feast” times of the year so that you can use it during the “famine” times.

What’s the benefit of purchasing a Raincache system kit?

These kits have been created in order to help expedite the process of system design, cost estimation, installation, and ultimately collection of rainwater.  We want to streamline the whole process from when you contact IWS to when your system installed so that you can put your money into larger storage (which is extremely helpful here in Texas) rather than paying for our overhead of estimating, planning, and administration that comes with a custom rainwater harvesting system project.

By purchasing the Raincache System, you can save money since you will not have to pay for any of the typical “upfront” costs that we incur as an installation contractor.

Having these packaged systems allows us to remove the costs associated with the estimating, designing, planning, and staging time that you don’t really see.  All of this adds overhead to our company and we ultimately have to account for that overhead in our system quotes.

Raincache KIT / BUILD Design and Ordering Process

Determine Optimal Cistern Size

You need to determine where you want to install the cistern and ensure that you have adequate space for the cistern, both in terms of footprint and in terms of gutter height over the top of the cistern.

Measure For Cistern Access and Site Slope

You need to make sure that the cistern can even get to the location where you want to install it.  You don’t want to ensure you have an adequate access path.  You will also check the existing slope of the area where the cistern will sit to ensure it is within our installation range.

Finalize Details and Purchase System

You are now ready to purchase the kit. We will finalize all of the details of your KIT delivery or your BUILD installation.  We make sure the rainwater rebate application is ready to be submitted, if you live in a municipality that provides a rebate.

Schedule Delivery or Installation

Upon placing your order, you will schedule a delivery or installation date. It will be scheduled out at least 5 weeks from the date of purchase so we can procure the cistern.  On the scheduled date, we will either deliver the KIT or our crew will install the system.

Did you know...

During an average year of rainfall, a typical 2,000 square foot house in Austin could collect almost 40,000 gallons of rainwater.

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