City of Austin Rainwater Collection System Rebate

The City of Austin Water Utility offers a capacity-based rainwater harvesting system rebate program. The program applies to rain barrels as well as larger capacity rainwater collection systems. The rebate program is structured as follows:

  • $0.50 per gallon for non-pressurized systems (no pumps), not to exceed 50% of system cost
  • $1.00 per gallon for pressurized systems (with pump), not to exceed 50% of system cost
  • Total maximum lifetime rebate amount of $5,000 per site
  • All sizes of rain barrels and rainwater collection cisterns/tanks are eligible

Rebate covers materials and labor for dedicated system components including tank, pad, screens, filters, first-flush, and selected piping installation only, but does not include gutters, irrigation system components, or backflow preventers.

The main eligibility requirements include:

  • Applicant must be a customer of Austin Water or an eligible water district (see below).
  • Systems of more than 500 gallons will require approval prior to system installation.
  • Tanks of more than 500 gallons will require the installation of a first-flush diversion system and a sturdy, level base constructed of gravel, sand, or concrete. Wooden, above ground platforms are not permitted for large cisterns.
  • Pressurized systems require the installation of an RPZ backflow preventer at City of Austin water meters. Systems with a pump and/or tanks more than 10 ft high are considered pressurized. The installation of an RPZ backflow preventer requires a plumbing permit. Depending on your system, other permits may be required. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the system construction does not violate subdivision or zoning regulations (including setback restrictions, impervious cover limitations, etc.) and homeowners association enforced restrictions.
  • Applicant must maintain the install backflow prevention device as per City of Austin regulations.
  • Collection of rainwater cannot be used for potable use.
  • Plus many others…

Customers in the following eligible water districts also qualify for the rebate:

  • Aqua Texas- Morningside
  • Aqua Texas- Night Hawk WSC
  • Aqua Texas- Rivercrest Water Systems
  • City of Rollingwood
  • City of Sunset Valley
  • City of Westlake Hills
  • Creedmoor-Maha WSC
  • High Valley WSC
  • Marsha WSC
  • Mid-Tex Utilities
  • North Austin MUD #1
  • Northtown MUD
  • Shady Hollow MUD
  • Travis County WCID #10
  • Village of San Leanna
  • Wells Branch MUD
  • Windermere Utility

Give us a call or schedule a consultation and we can help you make sense of all the requirements. As part of our installation service, we will provide all of the documentation necessary to complete the rainwater harvesting system rebate application.

Download the City of Austin rainwater harvesting system rebate form

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