Hays County Rainwater Harvesting Incentive Program

The Hays County Development Services department is offering an rainwater harvesting incentive program which provides the following:

  • $100 fee reimbursement for new development permitted through Hays County Development Services
  • Property Tax Reduction: Taxable value is reduced by the rainwater collection system construction costs. (Available from Hays County or other participating taxing entities.)

They want homeowners and business owners to make a smart choice to install rainwater harvesting systems to reduce the demand for treated water for potable and irrigation uses.

The qualification criteria is pretty straight-forward.

  • Hays County application approval
  • Minimum storage capacity: 2,500 gallons
  • Annual application & approval for tax exemption (required by law) submitted to the Central Appraisal District
  • Sunlight restrictive design (helps prevent algae growth)
  • Insect proof

Download the Hays County Rainwater Harvesting Incentive Program application

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