The City of Horseshoe Bay Rainfall Harvesting Rebate

The City of Horseshoe Bay is offering a rebate of $250 as a one-time offer covering the purchase factory-made components for rain collection and storage systems. The Rainfall Harvesting Rebate promotes water conservation by encouraging residents and businesses with City water to collect rainwater for non-potable use.

The City of Horseshoe Bay has specific guidelines for the rebate application. The requirements include:

  • The program is open to any Horseshoe Bay water customer, including those outside the city limits.
  • Read and understand the City’s Rainfall Harvesting Ordinance, which is section 13.11 of the City’s Utilities Ordinance.
  • You must receive approval from your property owner association’s Architectural Control Committee. The ACC is separate from the City, but has the legal right to dictate aspects of the community’s appearance.
  • If the system is more than 400 gallons, download and fill out the rainwater harvesting system permit form and return it to the City Utilities representatives at City Hall. The permit is free, and the system must be examined by the City Water Conservation Inspector after installation to assure compliance with the rules and to get the rebate.
  • If the system is less than 400 gallons, purchase the system and install it, and then download a rainwater harvesting system registration form, complete the form and bring it to the utilities office. The registration for the smaller system is also free. As with the larger systems, the City must inspect the system before allowing a rebate.
  • The City rebates only factory-made components and does not include installation labor.

The City of Horseshoe Bay also has specific requirements for the actual system installation:

  • Rain barrels or tanks may not be placed in front of a home or business.
  • The City allows no more than two barrels or tanks on a property.
  • There is no limit on size or capacity of rainfall catchment systems.
  • Rainwater from the system may not be used for drinking water in Horseshoe Bay.
  • Rain catchment systems may be tied to irrigation systems if the irrigation system is isolated from the public water supply and household plumbing by a reduced pressure zone backflow prevention assembly.

Download the City of Horseshoe Bay Rainwater Harvesting Rebate Application

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