LCRA Rainwater Collection System Rebate

The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) offers rainwater harvesting equipment rebates up to $600 per residential property.  The program provides $0.25 per gallon of storage capacity for a non-potable system, 100 gallons or greater, up to $600 or until sizing capacity is met, whichever is less.

The main eligibility requirements include:

  • Applicant must be a LCRA domestic water use customer or an eligible water customer of LCRA (see below).
  • System must be for non-potable use.
  • System must be 100 gallons are greater.
  • You will need to submit receipts and photos of the upgraded equipment with the application.

Eligible water customers of LCRA include:

  • Aqua Texas (Barton Creek Lakeside Utilities)
  • Aqua Texas (Rivercrest Water System)
  • Buena Vista Water System
  • City of Burnet
  • City of Cedar Park
  • City of Cottonwood Shores
  • City of Granite Shoals
  • City of Horseshoe Bay
  • City of Lago Vista
  • City of Leander
  • City of Marble Falls
  • City of Pflugerville
  • Corix Utilities
  • Dripping Springs Water Supply Corporation
  • Hays County WCID #1
  • Hays County WCID #2
  • Reunion Ranch WCID
  • Hidden Valley Subdivision Cooperative
  • Hurst Creek MUD
  • Inverness Point Water System
  • Jonestown Water Supply Corporation
  • Kingsland Water Supply Corporation
  • Lakeway MUD #1
  • Lazy Nine MUD 1-A
  • Sail Haven Water System
  • Llano County MUD #1
  • Loop 360 Water Supply Corporation
  • Pecan Utilities Company
  • Peninsula Bluffs
  • PK-RE Development Company
  • Senna Hills MUD
  • Travis County MUD #10
  • Travis County MUD #12
  • Travis County MUD #4
  • Travis County WCID #17
  • Travis County WCID #18
  • Travis County WCID #20
  • Travis County WCID Point Venture
  • Village of Briarcliff
  • West Travis County PUA
  • Windermere Oaks Water Supply Corporation

Give us a call or schedule a consultation and we can help you make sense of all the requirements. As part of our installation service, we will provide all of the documentation necessary to complete the rainwater harvesting system rebate application.

You can apply for the LCRA WaterSmart rebate online or you can download the LCRA WaterSmart rebate form.

The LCRA also provides rebates for many other water conservation equipment including the following:

  • Pressure-reducing heads and nozzles: 50 percent of the cost of devices up to $5 per head or nozzle.
  • Pressure-reducing valves and in-line regulators: 50 percent of the cost of devices up to $100.
  • Soil moisture sensors: 50 percent of the cost of devices up to $250.
  • Rain sensors: 50 percent of the cost of device up to $20.
  • Pre-approved WaterSense smart controllers: 50 percent of the cost of devices up to $100.
  • Pool filters: Up to $250 per high-efficiency cartridge filter.
  • Pool covers: 50 percent of the purchase price up to $50 per manual or solar ring, and up to $200 for permanent mechanical cover.
  • Aeration: Up to $50 for equipment rental or contractor costs.
  • Compost and mulch: 50 percent of cost up to $150 per household. No activated sewer sludge.

Impervious Cover Credits

LCRA Highland Lakes Rainwater Harvesting System Credit

In response to the impact of stormwater pollution, LCRA implemented the Highland Lakes Watershed Ordinance (HLWO) to protect water quality throughout the Highland Lakes region.  The Ordinance applies to development in the Lake Travis watershed in Travis County, the Colorado River watershed in Burnet County, and a portion of Llano County identified on the official Ordinance Watershed Map.

If you are building within this regulated area, then you can receive stormwater credits by installing a rainwater harvesting system. This will allow you to develop more impervious cover area than you are limited to without a rainwater collection system. The amount of additional impervious cover allowed is based upon a calculation within the HLWO document. You can read the section about the rainwater harvesting credit to determine the amount of rainwater storage you will need to install for the additional impervious cover you want to develop on your lot.

We are here to help with this part of your system planning so give us a call at 512-490-0932 if you want us to walk you through this process.

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