We do not charge for estimates if you are in the Austin area (defined as a 40 mile “travel” distance, mapped from our office). Outside of this distance, we charge a small travel fee depending on the distance away from our office, which you can inquire about when you call our office. This fee is rebated back to you if you do decide to contract with us though.

While we love having the opportunity to present a quote for our services to you, we have to be realistic and understand that we only have some much time in a day. We have a passion for educating people about the systems we install. Especially if you are thinking about a rainwater harvesting system, our consultation is essentially an educational session where we walk you through all of the various options for you and what an optimized and cost-effective rainwater harvesting system would look like. But it takes time to do this.  Pair this with traveling far from our office and you can see where we need to charge a small travel fee.

If you are located far away from our office and you don’t have other local rainwater harvesting contractors to contact, you can certainly email us any house plans, site pictures, etc, and we can create a “site unseen” estimate for you. This will help determine if the project is within your budget range or if some design changes need to be made in order to facilitate a more efficient and cost effective system.

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