If you are planning on building a new home, then you are in a perfect situation to plan for and install a graywater reuse system. This is the most economical way to install a total graywater reuse system (a system that captures all of the graywater sources within a house). You will be able to place the necessary dual plumbing to recover all of the graywater.

If you have a pier-and-beam home, then you also have a great graywater reuse potential. Most likey, we will be able to reach the graywater pipes in your crawlspace and route the graywater pipes to our reuse system.

If you have a concrete slab home, then it may be too expensive to install a total graywater recovery system. Retrofitting existing homes where the plumbing is located in a concrete slab is nearly impossible. If you have your clothes washer located on an outer wall, then we may be able to install a graywater reuse system that captures clothes washer water only.

The graywater recovery systems must be installed according to the current state and local regulations for graywater reuse so please check them before moving forward with any design or installation.

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