You certainly can call us and schedule a free consultation if you are in the Austin area but since we are investing extra time into your design and estimate, the system quote you receive will most likely be more expensive than the Raincache KIT or BUILD packages.  We have tried to create a design process for the Raincache packaged kits that you can do yourself, at your leisure.  Then once you determine the best rainwater system package for your property and situation, you can simply order the system, schedule the installation date, and you’re done.

If you know your budget is limited for a rainwater harvesting system, then the Raincache packaged kits are perfect for you.  This way you are spending your money on getting the largest cistern available, rather than also paying for the time for the consultation and estimate creation.

So save yourself time and money by going through the Raincache design process defined on our website and then placing your order for a KIT or BUILD packaged system.

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