Absolutely!  We provide a 12 month workmanship warranty on all systems we install.  This means that if there is something that doesn’t function correctly within the system within the first 12 months after job completion or system commissioning, then we will come back out, at no charge to you, to fix the issue.

Any material or equipment warranties convey to you at the time of job completion or system commissioning.  If a piece of equipment fails during its warranty period, no matter if it happens during our 12 month workmanship warranty period or afterwards, we will only charge a service call fee but the piece of equipment will be replaced at no charge to you.

On our drainage systems, there is nothing like a big rain event to test our work.  Sometimes there are small tweaks that have to be made after the initial installation due to new information about the flow of stormwater through the system.  If the changes are required to ensure the remedy of the originally stated drainage problem, then we will come out and make the necessary changes at no charge to you.  If another drainage issue has come to light that was not part of the originally stated problem, then an additional charge will be assessed if you want us to correct the new issue.

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