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While there are many parts of a rainwater harvesting system, the cistern is always the centerpiece.  The construction of corrugated metal cisterns is a fascinating art as witnessed in the video below.  The system consists of six 7,500 gallon corrugated metal cisterns which collect rainwater from approximately 10,000 sf of the building.  Therefore, this collection area of the building has the capability of producing nearly 200,000 gallons of rainwater during the course of an average year of rainfall in central Texas.

Innovative Water Solutions engineered this rainwater catchment system from the ground up.  The company did not have a rainwater collection system in the original plans of the building but decided to add it and needed assistance in the design and installation of the system.

The collection of rainwater to use in industrial processes offers a great opportunity for water conservation but also for saving money.  The rainwater harvesting system in the video below will be used to supply water for this particular company’s process of forming hydrophobic protective barrier film on metals.

Innovative Water Solutions LLC is the authorized dealer and installer for many different corrugated metal tank companies including Water Storage Tanks Inc, Acer Water Tanks, Contain Water Systems, and Aquamate.

Contact us and let us design a rainwater harvesting system to supply your industrial process with naturally soft, chemical free rainwater.


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