Graywater Reuse Systems

The next opportunity for huge water conservation gains

Graywater reuse will offer huge water conservation gains that will not be achieved by any other water conservation technology for the typical house or building. Graywater reuse systems collect water from showers/bathtubs, bathroom sinks, and clothes washers. Then, under current regulations, it can be reused outdoors for irrigation use, replacing municipal potable water usage.

If you are planning to building a new home or thinking about remodeling your existing home, adding a graywater reuse system can be one of the best decisions you can make. Why? Because once you single plumb your house, you most likely won’t ever be able to install a graywater reuse system in the future.

So just how much water could you save? In a typical residential home, the graywater volume equates to about 50% of the indoor water use. Think about all that water being available for irrigation use.

We are an engineering firm that can design and install your graywater reuse system. While municipalities are trying to make graywater system regulations more sensible, there are still many intrigues of current regulations. You need someone that can navigate these regulations for you to ensure your system is designed and installed to code.

Here are our graywater reuse system services.  How may we best serve you?

What are the Benefits of Reusing Graywater?

  • It reduces your water bill since you are replacing the use of municipal water for landscaping needs with graywater that you have already paid for.
  • Huge return on system investment since you are reusing water that you have already paid for.
  • You produce graywater everyday so it is independent of climate and not affected by periods of drought (like rainwater collection is).
  • It only needs a minimal amount of treatment (in comparison to black water) to be suitable for irrigation use.
  • Graywater offsets the use of potable municipal water for landscape irrigation and toilet flushing.
  • Graywater can be applied around your house’s concrete foundation in order to keep a consistent soil moisture level in order to prevent the movement and cracking of your slab.
  • It decreases your water footprint since you are reducing the total amount of municipal water needed to run your house and landscape.
  • It reduces the amount of wastewater volume that your septic system which can extend the useful life and capacity of the system.
  • It reduces the amount of wastewater volume that your local wastewater treatment plant has to treat, resulting in lower energy requirements, reduced pumping costs, and reduced loading on the sewer system. This could delay the requirement for improvements or expansion to the sewer system.
  • Graywater can be beneficial to plant growth due to the presence of nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus which are the same components as fertilizer.
  • Since it reduces your environmental footprint, it can provide you with satisfaction knowing that you are doing everything you can to use as little municipal water as possible.
  • Your landscaping and gardens can be maintained through periods of drought with graywater even when water restrictions are in place.

Graywater reuse will play a vital role in the future of our local water resources

We all know the importance of water. It is the lifeblood of our communities. It is the basis for our lifestyle and our community’s economic well-being.  But we also know that our local water resources are constantly being threatened by population growth, drought, and pollution.

We know that you care about our environment and want to be good stewards of our precious water resources. We know that you want to conserve water and be part of the solution. We can help you do just that with a graywater reuse system.  Recovering graywater is an important opportunity that we can’t ignore anymore.

Think about it… you use water in your showers, bath tubs, bathroom sinks, and clothes washers that essentially has a non-existent bacterial concentration.  Therefore, it only requires a minimal level of treatment to be safely used outdoors to replace the municipal water you would have used for irrigation purposes.

In a typical household, about 50% of our indoor water use is classified as graywater.  Without reusing it, you are missing out on the potential benefit of all this graywater. Graywater reuse systems are investments in our collective future. Once installed, they can produce a return on investment for years, if not decades. By not investing in a graywater recovery system now, you essentially delay this ROI, all the while, installation costs increase every year as does the cost of water.

Residential graywater reuse systems

We believe that graywater reuse systems are the next frontier in water conservation gains for urban households. We all have this untapped resource just flowing out from our houses into the local sewer system.  A graywater recovery system allows you to capture this resource and use it beneficial on your property.  By doing this, you replace municipal water use with graywater… which is water that you have paid for already.

The great thing about graywater is that you produce it every, single day so there is no need to store it.  This fact allows for a very small infrastructure investment since you don’t need a large storage tank for the graywater.  When you add the small investment need with the reuse of water already paid for, you can see the huge return on investment.

The main issues to consider are whether a graywater reuse system can be installed cost-effectively at your house and making sure it is installed according to your local and state regulations.

Commercial graywater recovery systems

We design and install graywater recovery systems for commercial buildings.  Graywater reuse in commercial settings offer a tremendous opportunity to reduce municipal water use while reducing operational costs.

There are many challenges to ensuring a fully functioning graywater reuse system on a commercial project.  Since the graywater could be coming from multiple fixtures and multiple areas in the building, the complexity of the system can create long-term maintenance issues if the system isn’t designed properly.  Additionally, there may be many landscape areas around the building to apply the graywater.  A water budget and graywater irrigation plan must be created to ensure these areas have the proper coverage of graywater.

With a properly designed graywater reuse system, you can look forward to many years of lower water costs, vibrant landscaping, and a low maintenance cost for the system.

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